Hormonal Balance Menopause & Mood Support Supplement, 60 Capsules

Hormonal Balance Menopause & Mood Support Supplement, 60 Capsules

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Reduces the hormonal imbalance, corrects menopausal “estrogen dominance”


Controls hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia


Reduces the menopause-caused weight increase


Restore emotional stability and mental clarity, educing anxiety, mood swings and stress.

Feature 5

Gives back energy sex drive. Antioxidant detox effects strengthens immune system

Exir Hormonal balance menopause and mood support natural supplements is one of the most dynamic menopause solutions available anywhere.  This all-natural product has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of women suffering endlessly through menopause.  And, also produces fantastic results for men.

This natural supplements will give a boost to your hormonal balance, fighting the main symptoms of menopause re-establishing your body’s hormonal balance. This, thanks to important nutrients and vitamins: pure high potency organic saffron extract, rich in safranal, picrocrocin, and crocin, plus carotenoids with strong antioxidative and cell/neuro protective properties, and other ingredients that help restore superoxide dismutase activity which are an important antioxidant defense in the cells.

The supplement take action against low metabolism and exhaustion that can result from menopause’s most common symptoms. As a metabolic booster, it will reduce hot flashes and night sweats, as well as insomnia, weight increase, and give a help against mood-changing effects of menopause.

Scientifically backed ingredients to fight hormonal imbalances

Exir Saffron Extracts combine with Raspberry Ketone avoids the insurgence and diminish the effects of menopause. Nutrients and vitamins work together to boost your metabolism and give your energy back, for good!  It increases and regulating your serotonin, fighting the effects of menopause and making you enjoy the happiest and most balanced life!

Saffron Extract, with their mood-improving effects, have a positive effect even on those suffering with neuro-degenerative problems, memory loss, low libido and much more. It is a natural source of Picrocrocin, crocin and safranal, and is an antioxidant defense.  

In fact, menopause’s symptoms are mainly related to hormonal declines. As the metabolism decrease, a feeling of exhaustion, together with weight increase, can in-surge.

Why is it important to confront excess estrogen?  Imbalanced estrogen is commonly responsible for causing the symptoms of menopause or worsen them. And, in men, excess estrogen leads to increased body fat and lowered athletic performance. 

Avoid the symptoms of menopause

No more hot flashes, sleepless nights and night sweats. Avoid mood swings that cause irritability, stress and anxiety. Stop feeling low in energy and suffering from headaches and lowering sex drive.

Stress as severe consequences, such as diminishing energy and finding hard to concentrate, in the end leading to accumulation of toxic waste and cellular dysfunction!

Made in U.S.A.


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