Pure Saffron

Make life extraordinary with Exir Saffron Spice, Tea, Honey an epicurean treasure of bold flavors, rich color and alluring fragrance.  Exir Rare Organic Spanish Saffron prized for its delicate aroma and flavor.  These superior quality saffron threads, powder, and tea are organically grown and hand harvested on the Spanish plains of la Mancha region.  Exir Saffron spice exceed ISO 3632, Category-I; the international standards on saffron grading scale for purity and potency.  This means that our product has the richest coloring strength of 260, finest texture, and is made from from completely pure organic saffron, and  due to its finest quality and potency continues to release flavor and aroma for 12 hours or more, with host of benefits. Exir™ Saffron Honey is ideal for breakfast served with buttery croissants or crusty bread.  Deep in color, this rich, textured saffron honey has distinctive flavor – the perfect complement to afternoon delights. Many enjoy saffron honey as a natural sweetener for summer time beverages or as a morning tonic to help with digestion.

Exir The top choice for master chefs and gourmet. Exir no other brand has fascinated so many.

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