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About us

Epicure Garden: The Inspirational Story of Exir Saffron

   What makes Exir™ so Exquisite and Magnificent! 

Exir™ Saffron

is a treasured spice with a long-standing culinary tradition. It is also a renowned herb with amazing health benefits. The distinctive flavor, vibrant color and unmatched perfume of Exir™ saffron combine in a legend worth telling!

At Epicure Garden we are passionate about saffron. Our role in the story of saffron began in 2005 with the simple goal of providing premium organic saffron for everyone, from the new gourmet to the experienced, professional chef.

We want to inspire and educate the connoisseur, while introducing customers across the globe to the story of saffron… especially those who think saffron is too exotic and unattainable.

In keeping with our brand image, Epicure Garden unveiled a gourmet collection designed around Epicure Garden Emblematic products, which combine luxury, elegance, modernity and health benefits.

Saffron- Elixir of life
The word “exir” or elixir means eternal youth. In legends of old, the elixir would grant eternal life to whoever drank it.
Exir™ Finest Quality Saffron Products Enrich Lives! 
Epicure Garden is proud to be forgoing a name in the global health supplement market with Exir™ saffron dietary supplements.

With new scientific studies and breakthroughs happening all the time, the wonderful story about Exir™ saffron’s amazing qualities continues to unfold.

The Story has just begun

At Epicure Garden, we guarantee impeccable customer service, purest quality products and a lively spirit of adventure….so join us as we turn the page to the next exciting chapter of the remarkable story of saffron.