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Saffron Tea

Natural Saffron Tea

Exotic Tea with Incredible Benefits

Drinking Exir Saffron Tea is one of the best way to get all of the health benefits of saffron in a quick and delicious manner. Our herbal tea is made with the highest quality saffron, exceeding ISO 3632-I on the saffron grading scale. This means that our product has the richest coloring, finest texture, and is made from completely pure organic saffron.

Drink Saffron tea instead of regular tea

Drinking just one cup of Exir Saffron Tea per day is enough to receive all of the amazing health benefits that saffron can offer. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and purity, you will be getting more of all of these important compounds that can improve everything from your mood to your overall health and well-being. (More Benefits)

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Saffron Tea 5 gr (0.176 oz)
Saffron Tea 5 gr (0.176 oz)
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Saffron Tea 10 grams
Saffron Tea 10 grams
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Tea Saffron 20 grams (2x10gr)
Tea Saffron 20 grams (2x10gr)
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Drink Your Saffron Tea

Saffron has many medicinal uses, and nothing is easier than drinking its natural tea. It has a wonderfully pleasing color and aroma, and tastes great. Saffron tea has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, and modern-day science has confirmed the many benefits of drinking tea saffron.
Just a few of the medicinal uses of saffron tea include:
  • Anti-depressant the alfa-crocin and safranal present in saffron have mood elevating properties, making saffron tea a powerful anti-depressant.
  • Antispasmodic many of the compounds present in saffron act as antispasmodics or anti-convulsants, which can help ease muscle aches and pains after a long, stressful day as well as the effects of PMS and other menstrual disorders. This can also provide relief for migraines and tension headaches.
  • Relaxation One of the best benefits of saffron tea is its relaxing effect. This helps combat stress and can have a number of benefits, including increasing your libido and aiding weight loss efforts (by preventing emotional eating).