Celeste Promotes Healthy Spine - Muscles Tissues Joints Rejuvenator, 60 Tablets

Celeste Promotes Healthy Spine - Muscles Tissues Joints Rejuvenator, 60 Tablets

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  • Spinal Disc Support- Bone & Ligament Support:The Healthcare professions #1 choice for over 75 years. Complete Spinal Disc Joint Maintenance Formula Supplement. Heals muscles tissues joints and rejuvenation
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Exir's Disc Maintenance Formula dietary supplement provides saturation levels of manganese, Vitamin C and cofactors, for disc and fibrous/collagenous tissue repair. If you suffer from back pain associated with a herniated disc, a desiccated disc, a bulging disc, a back injury or any other form of spinal or back problems, then this may help relieve the sciatic nerve pain that follows.

The Disc Maintenance Formula is a complete spinal disc nutrient. It is able to penetrate deep into the tissue of the spinal discs, promoting fibrous and collagenous repair, as well as reducing inflammation and swelling. The formula includes the enzyme bromelain, which can reduce pain, scar tissue, mitigate inflammation and improve joint health. Zinc, which is an important mineral in the production of collagen and healing. 

Collagen is the main component of connective tissues, is structural protein found in the extracellular space in different connective tissues of your body. According to the amount of mineralization, collagen tissues may be in various forms such as tendons, bones, ligaments, muscles or cartilage. Whether you want glowing skin or a strong physique; collagen is important for your body and hence, it’s important that your body maintains a proper concentration of it. 

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