Saffron + Saffron Extract Supplements, 180 Tablets

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Powerful Anti-Everything Supplement
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Saffron is a super strong antioxidant with ‘housekeeping’ benefits that clean you up from head to toe! Researchers proved that saffron improves circulation to the retina so it’s a promising treatment for macular degeneration, which is a major cause of blindness.

One clinical trial concluded “preliminary evidence of a possible therapeutic effect of saffron extract in the treatment of mild-to-moderate memory loss. ” It’s an anti-spasmodic and the potent anti-oxidant properties of saffron help in the management of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, it also, helps relieve anxiety and tension and so much more!

Erectile dysfunction is also a useful indicator of vascular (blood vessel) and endothelial (blood vessel lining) problems. In the present study, it is shown that saffron has a significant effect on men with erectile dysfunction using NPT and IIEF-15 tests.

Saffron is one of the best, kept health secrets around!

University of L’Aquila, 67100 L’Aquila, Italy – 2014

Topic: Antitumor Effects of Saffron-Derived Carotenoids in Prostate Cancer Cell Models

Topic: Saffron as anti-cancer and anti-tumor

Preclinical studies have shown that dietary intake of carotenoids has antitumor effects suggesting their potential preventive and/or therapeutic roles.


Take 1 Tablet 2-3 times daily. For optimal results it is best to leave a two-hour gap between the consumption of medications and dietary supplements.


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