saffron powder
saffron powder

Saffron Powder

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Exir® premium quality saffron powder brings magnificent color, aroma and taste to your cooking, tea and beverages. Its fine quality and potency continue to release flavor and aroma for 12 hours or more, with a host of benefits.
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Indulge your love of fine food by bringing the unmatched, unique flavor and aroma of Exir Saffron Powder to your table. You can enjoy all the powerful qualities and enchanting essence of whole Exir saffron all red threads in a no-fuss powder form. 

Add to any recipe to immediately impart the deep color, delicate floral aroma and unique flavor with the luscious, wholesome goodness of saffron's core substances which may promote optimal, physical well being.


Cooking:        Soak 1/8 teaspoon of powder in a little hot water for ten minutes, then add to your recipe. 
                      You can also infuse the powder in broth soup, or wine before adding to your recipe. 

Seasoning:    Sprinkle a small amount on yogurt, ice-cream, deserts, or salads, mix-well, and let it infuse for few minutes.

Start up your day with healthy and delicious breakfast with
Sunny Side-up Eggs with Saffron Powder (Recepie)



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