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Exir® premium quality saffron brings magnificent color, aroma and taste to your tea and beverages. Its fine quality and potency continue to release flavor and aroma for 12 hours or more, with a host of benefits.
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Take a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy the soothing, exotic flavor of our Saffron tea. Drink 

it hot or iced, just for the taste or for your wellbeing. It's like sipping liquid sunshine in a cup.

Scientific studies show that the active ingredients in saffron tea can soothe your nervous and 

cardiovascular systems, cleanse and detoxify your entire body by invigorating circulation. 

                           Elevates mood, improves memory, better sleep, and more…

Brewing Instructions:
  Steep a pinch of saffron tea in cup of hot water for 10-15minutes.
  Serve hot or make refreshing ice tea.
  Sweeten to taste or add a drop of rose water.

After drinking Exir Saffron tea, make sure to also enjoy the wonderfully wholesome residue at the bottom of your cup!


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