Specifically, collagen is present throughout the spinal framework that includes: 

  • Spinal Discs: The discs help to cushion the vertebrae that allow the spine to bend and be flexible. 
  • Facet Joints: These are joints that link the vertebrae.
  • Ligaments, tendons, and muscles: These are parts of the spine that support and connect the spine as well as other body portions. 
  • Meninges: These protective layers surround and nourish the spinal cord. 
  • Blood Vessels: Blood helps to supply nutrients, hydration, and oxygen to the spinal anatomy. 


Although collagen is beneficial head to toe, here we will highlight some of its benefits to our main support of the body, the backbone. 

 Reduces Joint Inflammation and Pain 

Collagen is a gel-like lubricant material that wraps and holds our bones in their places and allows us to glide and move our joints without any discomfort. Ingesting more collagen would be like greasing a creaky door hinge. It helps our joints move more freely, reduces the pain that produces due to aging due to lack of collagen in the bones, and also decreases the risk of joint deterioration. Researchers have found that collagen is an effective remedy for treating osteoarthritis and other joint-related disorders.  

More research found that supplementing your body with type 2 collagen allows relief from painful rheumatoid arthritis symptoms by reducing the swelling in tender joints. People treated with type 2 collagen also get treated with osteoarthritis joint pain and show beneficial enhancements in daily activities such as climbing up the stairs, ascending, walking, sleeping, and making the quality of their lives much better. 

Boosts Liver Health 

Many of us may not know that collagen detoxifies our body from harmful substances, improves blood circulation, and keeps our heart strong and lively. Collagen, a protein, contains glycine, one of the three most abundant amino acids that minimize the damage to our liver when it absorbs harmful substances from the outside, and other toxins or alcohol that should be avoided. This supports our liver to clean itself from chemicals and restore our guts hence improving overall immune function. Various studies have shown that glycine also helps to reduce alcohol-based liver damage and forms of acute liver injury. 

Enhances Cardiovascular Health 

Another one of the three major components of collagen, the amino acid proline, helps our artery walls release fat build-up in the blood, thus reducing fat in the arteries and minimizing fat accumulation. Proline is used for tissue repair in the joints and arteries and helps in controlling blood pressure. It also shields our bodies from vibration effects and shocks and helps to hold on to precious cartilage when we get old. It also prevents the arteries from hardening and helps them to stay safe from the dangerous build-up of plaque. 

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