Saffron + Saffron Extract Supplements, 120 Tablets

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Exir Saffron Exotic Spice with Incredible Benefits
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A convenient and effective way to experience the bountiful benefits of saffron in dietary supplement tablet form.

Clinical studies have shown saffron may improve oxygen diffusion (which enhances lung performance and brain oxygenation), prevents buildup of fatty deposits that clog arteries, protects liver and bladder tissues against damage by chemical toxins, helps joint pain and more.  Our unique formula contains key ingredients which promote healthy blood flow from head to toe. 

Exir® Saffron 30 mg. dietary supplement tablets

Contain 8% Safranal(2.4 mg) plus 15% crocin (4.5 mg). 

Other suppliers claim 88 mg. saffron extract with a Safranal potency of 0.03 % (0.265 mg), 
which means it takes 9 capsules of their brand to equal just 1, Exir® Saffron Tablet.

Researchers have identified numerous ways in which saffron (the yellow pigment obtained from crocus sativus L.) interacts with cells to have beneficial effects on enzymes, hormone receptors and cell survival. Saffron also, has antimicrobial effects that can help overcome antibiotic resistance in multi-resistant bacterial strains.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology - 2004

Topic:  Saffron & Mood Swings

Taking 30-mg of Saffron a day for 6 weeks help to relieve stress, anxiety, calm the mind and assist in mood support.

Natural Medicine Journal – 2012
Topic: Saffron for sexual dysfunction in women
At the end of the 4th week, the women in the saffron group experienced significantly more improvements in their total Female Sexual Function Index score, as well as arousal and lubrication.


Take 1 Tablet 2-3 times daily. For optimal results it is best to leave a two-hour gap between the consumption of medications and dietary supplements.


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