Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired fatigue eyes, digital eye strain, floaters and computer vision problems.

According to a 2015 survey by the Vision Council, 65 percent of American adults reported having symptoms of digital eye strain, and that shows the severity and widespread problems which we all face in this digital age.  

Computer-related eye stress needs to be fought, supporting vision performance and preserving the health of the eyes. As part of the human body, we need to nourish our eyes with specific, appropriate nutrients, to ensure an optimal performance. 

An innovative formula

Made from 5 important antioxidants; saffron extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, Vision Max 20/20 supports and maintains health eyes and vision. Studies have shown that all 5 carotenoids cross the blood brain barrier and support and optimize your eye health.  These carotenoids are shown to reduce oxidative stress to the eyes, improve macular pigment density, protect the retina against light-induced damage and support overall vision function.

Also maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, boost mood, enhance the eye ability to focus and fosters mental clarity and healthy memory. Supports healthy immune system, improve skin and joints health. Rejuvenate overall health and vitality.

  • Reduces Eye Fatigue
  • Helps with Computer Eye Strain
  • Supports Healthy Retinal Tissue
  • Supports Optimal Vision & Aids, and Preventing Vision Loss 
  • Recovers tired eyes, eye strain, blurry vision and night glare
  • Increase Macular Pigment Density
  • Protects Against Light-induced Damage
  • Prevents Retinal Damage from Oxidative Stress  
Saffron Vitamins and Minerals

A science-based formulation to support retina, structure and function fighting oxidative stress and promoting blood vessel health.  Saffron’s composition, rich in safranal, crocetin and picocrocin, with antioxidant properties, and other ingredients, is able to avoid the formation of peroxidized lipds while helping restoring dismutase activity. They increase the blood flow in the retina and choroid and facilitates retinal function recovery. It will help repair damaged eye cells, promote eye health and enhance the eye ability to focus, while protecting retinal photoreceptors from light oxidative damage.

Crocin increases blood flow, being a nutrient supply of retinal structures, and is rich in lycopene and carotenoids, that protect from free radicals while being a source of vitamin A. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and is an aid to the reproductive system.

Taking Zeaxanthins through saffron dietary supplements increases macular pigment optical density (MPOD) in human eyes – which in turn reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Improves vision in our daily lives, particularly when our eyes are challenged by intense light such as glare from the sun, a camera flash, or blinding headlights at night.

Studies have shown major causes for cataract formation are free radicals (damaging molecules) which mediate the formation of cataract. Among the natural antioxidants and carotenoids lutein are well known for their anti-cataract properties.

The Macular Pigment and Astaxanthin

Macular pigment (MP) is a blue light filter in the retina, and it includes three carotenoids, Lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z) and mess-zeaxanthin (MZ) the principal carotenoids in the eye lens and macular region of the retina, only available through dietary or supplement intake. Increasing the MP, has proved to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer.

Studies show taking Astaxanthin with other carotenoids protects against radical induced DNA damage, repairs UVA-irradiated cells, and inhibits inflammatory cell infiltration, supports vascular health.

Harvard Medical school’s research has shown as Astaxanthin crosses eyes’ tissues and exerts its effects like no other carotenoids, and without adverse reactions.

It has the power to ameliorate or prevent light induced damage, photoreceptor and ganglion cell one, as well as damage to the neurons of the inner retinal layers.

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