Galatea Re-establishing Normalizing Nerve Function, 120 Tablets

Galatea Re-establishing Normalizing Nerve Function, 120 Tablets

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  • Re-establishing and normalizing nerve function:A comprehensive multiple vitamin with essential nutrients to help restore balance resulting from functional damage to the nervous system
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For over 50 years "Galatea" Neuropathic Care Formula has been the product of choice for re-establishing and normalizing nerve function. Along with providing the essentials for daily maintenance as a multi-vitamin, it aids in recovery during periods of trauma, injury, physical stress and recuperation of a deficiency or imbalance of nutrients resulting in functional damage of the nervous system.  It works to support energy levels, blood clotting, tissue growth and repair, nervous system function, cell reproduction, immune support, vision as well as the health of the bones, teeth, skin and hair..

Galatea is not your average multi-vitamin, it contains a higher potency of B complex vitamins which perform an essential role at a cellular level by playing as co-enzymes in both anabolic and catabolic bodily functions. Their joint results are prevalent in various forms of energy production, brain function, DNA and RNA synthesis, genomic and non-genomic methylation, as well as neurochemical and signaling molecules. Additionally, it contains our patented VM 2 Food Concentrate Formula*.

Surgery results in a variety of physiological and metabolic responses, including decreased immunity, increased inflammation and increased stress hormone levels. Because of this, the body needs an intensified amount of nutrients to support the healing process. Giving the body nutrients it needs in the postoperative period may help to support immunity and accelerate recovery.

* VM2 BASE FORMULA - Developed over eighty years ago VM 2 Food Base, comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables; alfalfa, kale, carrot, papaya, ashwagandha, lemon, orange, blueberry, bilberry ext., grape seed ext., asparagus, elderberry, black current, ginger, resveratrol, cayenne, and turmeric. These whole foods are carefully selected, dehydrated and concentrated, removing all inert materials such as cellulose and pulp, leaving only a pure nutritional extract. This natural Food Base is incorporated in many of our formulas to insure complete and natural nutritional fortification.

Since that time science has made great progress in defining many of the individual phytochemicals and nutriceuticals that were present in the VM 2 Base: flavonoids and flavonols, polyphenols, alkaloids, carotenoids, enzymes and more. Individual items such as Quercitin, Lutein, and Catechins have been identifies and scientifically tested in clinical trials. Their biological activities are recognized and Exir now makes high potency extracts for specific applications. Yet there is still value in this whole food base and we continue to use.

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